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The Underbase episode 2

Many thanks for join Cobracommander TFW, Ladywreck, kinggrimlock and kalelprime as they talk about the final chapter in the opening story from IDW's ongoing transformers series.

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Episode 104, The 2 year show.

We want to thank everyone for sticking with us and supporting us over the last 2 years of podcasting.

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Moonbase 2 thank you, and prize give away.

 We want to thank everyone for the support over the last two years. Remember we have five head Robots thanks to our good chums

If you join the forum please feel free to sign up and send me your answers via pm. Otherwise check out the podcast listeners section for this weeks basework and caption comp.


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The Underbase April 21st 2010

It is the official first podcast of the Underbase! Up for review is Last Stand of the Wreckers #4 and Spotlight Prowl and then we answer listener questions. Thanks for listening and remember to come back this weekend for our second year show.

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Episode 103

Thanks for listening.

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Mid week podcast 14th April

Thanks for listening.

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Episode 102

Thanks for joining us once again, sorry its so short but thats life...or university...or moonbase 2 meet ups the point is, it aint our fault.

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Interview with James Roberts

We've asked the man who is co-writing on Last Stand of the Wreckers to join us for an interview!

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Episode 101 repost.
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Episode 101

Dear Moonbase 2 member and Transformer fan,

Moonbase 2 just surpassed one big milestone (episode 100) and the next one is just around the corner. Moonbase 2 will be celebrating it's 2nd anniversary on the airwaves and I'd like for you to be a part of it. I would like for people to send me their videos (or if you're camera shy you can send me just an audio clip), with anniversary wishes and greetings.


~*~ Please make them no longer than 30 seconds (just so we can get as many as possible).

~*~ Make sure when you email them to me that you also include your forum name.

~*~ Send audio or video clips to either my main email or if by chance that doesn't work to

~*~ Clips are due by April 20th

Thanks again to each one of you for making the Moonbase 2 one of the best places on net!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact me, your friendly Princess of Plastic Crack and Moonbase 2 Administrator.

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