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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Episode 129

After taking a break to catch up, Dave and Andy return to talk about two whole weeks of news. And there isn't a great deal. But we talk about the movie and the news footage of Transformers Prime.

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The Underbase reviews Drift #4

The final issue of the series is upon us. Does it deliver, or like others before it, is it resigned to fail? Find out as Aimee and Matt review Drift issue 4.

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The Underbase interviews Shane McCarthy

With Drift now over and the final review coming this week Aimee and Matt decided once again to spend time with the stars. This time around they are joined by the writer of the Drift mini-series

Shane McCarthy.

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The Underbase reviews Drift #3

This time around Aimee and Matt are joined by David to review Drift 3. With the thoughts of Ironhide losing it at the half way mark fresh in their minds our reviewing hosts ask themselves one question. Wreck or rule?

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Episode 128

Fianlly after weeks apart the dream team is back together to talk about, well...not much. But if you want to hear about all the new toys that have shown up this week then listen up.

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The Underbase reviews  Ongoing #12

For the second time this week Aimee and Matt drop by to give you a review of the latest ongoing coming from IDW. Joined this time by Dave the question now is does the end of the first year of ongoing wreck...or rule?

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The Underbase interviews Alex Milne

This week the Underbase is happy to welcome Transformers artist Alex Milne to the podcast. We sit down for a solid hour thirty interview with him and also Josh pops along to talk about SDCC. Hope you have fun.

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Episode 127

So we are back once again and again i'm sorry to say its anouther speed show. Also the podcasting crossover goes into high gear this week as Andy backs out leaving the door open for Matt. We talk about all the stuff in the world of robots this week. And we once again break news first on the show about some very special products coming down the road. Be sure to check it out and leave your comments.

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The Underbase reviews Sector 7 #1.

This week Aimee and Matt grab the sick old Chris Mcfeely to talk about the first issue of the new TF movie comic, Sector 7.

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Episode 126

And for the second time in a matter of seconds we give you podcast number 2 for the special meet up weekend. With David on a bus...Andy decides to finally try and take control...but who is the fool dumb enough to join forces with him in this insane endeavour?

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The Underbase interview Jeff Anderson

With the Moonbase 2 meet raging in London we thought we would flex our podcasting muscle by giving you two podcasts. First up the Underbase team get the chance to sit down with Jeff Anderson who first worked on Transformers way back in 1986.


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