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As a gift to you guys this will be the full episode, its basically what the Patreon Supports get. So in this episode Mikey, Andy and Chris (Vange1us from WTF@TFW) discuss their thoughts on the small run called Titans Return and then the big IDW crossover event Revolutions which brings in new teams to the IDW comic world like GI Joe, Mask and Rom the Space Knight as well as others. Did the lads enjoy these two events or now? Have a listen and find out.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 425

It's one week before Christmas and is there any news this week? We oddly enough yes, not a huge amount but the Moonbase boy will crack into it regardless. Some stories like new toy company Flame Toys show off their figure of Drift and hes super anime.....and has a ragged cape so....yea super anime, G-Creations show off a few of their IDW inspired 3rd party figures and Artist Jose Lopez shows off some concept artwork from TF Prime Beast Hunters. So if your enduring the Christmas rush enjoy as much as you can!

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Moonbase 2 Episode 424

Trailers hit the web hard this week from War for the Planet of the Apes to, of course, Transformers The Last Knight so Andy and Mikey drop their amazing and deep thoughts (HA) on them and what they think of them. Also in the news a new book coming from Japan on the toys of this year and early next year and Dr Wu comes back be honest a bit of a disappointed accessory, so enjoy the show as there's more then just this on this weeks Moonbase 2. 

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Moonbase 2 Episode 423

No Mikey on this weeks show so the Jii Dee comes back and has the G2 version of Toyworlds Devestator to talk about and Andy watched Suicide Squad this week, pity him.....pity him. In the TF news theres information that Machinima will be releasing another 2 shows relating to Titans Return and the next line Power of the Primes, that was also confirmed and explained this week. Legends God Bomber? why yes he's coming and will combine with Ginrai to make Godbomber......oh and MP Artfire....woo?

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From The Files of Teletraan 2 Episode 3 Windblade

In this months Files the lads take a look at Windblade and her comic series roles from her 1st series "Windblade Vol 1", "Windblade Vol 2" and finally "Till All Are One". Mikey leads the discussion as always with Andy being there dropping his thoughts on it and they are joined by Charles aka Big C from the TransMissions Podcast. We hope you all enjoy the show.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 422

Iron Factory boys.......Iron Factory, thats right everyone on the Moonbase 2 this week there were new reveals from Iron Factory on their future products and Any of course gushes over them as does Mr Mikey, but thats not all as other news hit the internet this week, not big news but still they gotta be covered. So the final chapter of the Unite Warriors comic was released and translated, toys aplenty are appearing around the USA, Canada and the UK in time for Christmas and did I mention Iron Factory? So enjoy this weeks Moonbase 2, also celebrate as Mr Mikey is now also 1 year older so with him bday cheers

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Moonbase 2 Episode 421

This week on the Moonbase 2 Podcast, Andy has aged once again as he creeps ever closer to the grave and Mikey.......ummm....well hes Irish, so nothing new there at least. The Core and Pixar movies are chatted about before jumping into the weekly Transformers news such as sample in hand images of the Titans Return Sixshot, a disappointing little comic from the Unite Warriors Ruination/Baldigus and a lovely Dyemooch has been announced as a guest for 2017 TF Nations.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 420

On the Moonbase 2 this week there's a new statue thats been shown (seems like 2016 is the rebirth of TF statues right?) but this time its a G1 styled Grimlock from Imaginarium Art, also there's more movie "news" and a little bit of info on the Bumblebee spin off movie. The most interesting bit of news are the reveal of new RID 2015 figures  and a bit of worrying pricing on MP 2.0 Megatron. Oh Andy also has a new car now and that was a thing .......that stressed him a bit. Enjoy the show peeps :)

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Moonbase 2 Episode 419

This week on the Moonbase 2 Mikey joins Andy again but unfortunately its that time of year again were news is super spars but there are a few tid bits here and there such as more images and info on statues from Prime 1 Studios G1 Megatron and XM Studios Optimus Prime. There's also info that Titans Return Fortress Maximus is in the UK and can be for at Tescos and Earth wars app is getting combiners in it finally. Also the other garbage the 2 lads have done over the week like Mikeys thoughts on Dr Strange and Andy plays Mordheim: City of the Damned!  

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Moonbase 2 Episode 418

Mikey has the internet issues again this week so the Strongest Jii in the Universe He-Jii comes to fill in this week for Moonbase. Not a huge amount of news granted but there are proper images of Unite Warriors Ruination, the Takara MP toy line won "The Good Design Long Life Award", 3 statues to talk about as well as other bits of the week.

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From The Files of Teletraan 2 Episode 2

And so the Moonbase 2 boys get to try and cover  about 25 or so issues of season 2 of Transformers Robots In Disguise/Transformers......that comic series that was out along side MTMTE....the one with Galvatron, that one. So with a lot to cover some stuff will have been missed or edited out as is the nature of using a hosting site for a podcast but enjoy the show. 

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Moonbase 2 Episode 417

Moonbase 2 suffer from a bit of Internet Connection issues so if there are hiccups here and there thats why. Now TFCon Chicago is over the boys have a few new things to talk about from there as well as some other bits of cool info from the week such as MP V2 Megatron has been shown in colour with all his accessories, Baldigus/Ruination Unite Warriors was announced (and typically revealed the day the show comes out ha) and the first of The Last Knight movie figures has been shown.

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Moonbase 2 Interview: James Roberts 2016

The Moonbase 2 brings back the one and only bringer of death to your favorite comic characters in transformers, the writer of the book Mr James Roberts. In the show they get to chat a bit about this last season of the book MTMTE until its retitled as Lost Light, which they also have a small chat about. So sit back and enjoy the show!

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Moonbase 2 Episode 416

This week its a quick show as the news is light one week before TFCon Chicago but there a few bits to cover so Mikey and Andy put their boots on, lace them up and get down to the nitty gritty or the week.

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Moonbase 2: Machinima Combiner Wars Talk

This is the shorter free version the Combiner Wars discussion which includes Mikey hosting, Andy as usual and as a special guest Mr Chris Ho aka Vangelus from both youtube and the WTF@TFW podcast. The lads try and talk about both the positives and negatives of the show and what they hope will happen in the future concerning Hasbro working with Machinima. However when this version is released currently the videos of Combiner Wars have been made "Private" on the Machinima official youtube page, we hope they will go back up for everyone to watch in the future.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 415

New York Comic-Con 2016 happened this week so on the Moonbase the boys got to talk about the new RID Combiner Force line as well as pictures where shown from the shown of more of the new figures from Titans Return to confirm some of the rumors and we got Trypticons leg....woo? As usual there are a few other bits of news here and there as well as what ta lads have been upto this week. Also remember the free version of the Combiner Wars discussion will be up on Thursday and the Parteon people will get the James Roberts Interview this Thursday !!

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Moonbase 2 Episode 414

This week on the Moonbase 2 there was a convention called CICF 2016 which was in china and showed a few updates to 3rd party figures we knew were coming and a couple of new ones as well, deleted audio from the very 1st episode of Transformers was revealed thanks to Transformers @ The Moon and we have weird die-cast figures to be included with MP Grapple and MP Inferno. Mikey also get to talk about a few things he did this week. So hope you peeps all enjoy.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 413

This week on the Moonbase 2 we have some controversies in the UK of some of the .....choices in filming from Transformers The Last Knight, the glory of the sound chip and clips from the Takara Legends Fortress Maximus and a fully translated version of the Unite Warriors Megatronia.

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Moonbase 2 Interview: Andrew Griffith 2016

The Moonbase boys get to talk to Andrew Griffith, IDW artist again about his run on Transformers RID (and when it was renamed into simply Transformers) as well as a little bit on his the designs he worked on for the Combiner Wars Machinema Series.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 412

Very little news this week everyone but fear not for the Andrew Griffith interview will appear on Thursday to fill the void of news. However there are as usual a few bits the boys an talk about such as reissue of the Takara Legends Brainstorm (the voyager one), even more guests announced for the up and coming TFCon Chicago and some Monsterbots from a new 3rd Party Company. So lets get on with it!!

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Moonbase 2 Episode 411

This week for the Moonbase 2 boys, Andy finally has his Iron Factory Windblade and Mikey is sad over the drop in quality of the Turtles cartoon since they got back to earth. In terms of Transformer news there are new images of Iron Factory Drift and Deadlock figures (Norimune and Muramasa) and their Super Ginrai (god Ginrai) combing figure, possible image of the new Masterpiece Megatron and rumors a plenty of 2017's line up of Titans Return, take with a massive pinch of salt. So hope you enjoy this weeks show 

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Moonbase 2 Episode 410

On the Moonbase 2 this week ta lads have a chat about more transformers stuff such as some very .....unique things to buy from Renderforms, wave 2 of Titans Return have hit the UK shelves but not without a problem! and transformer ladybird books making a comeback. They also cover the rest of the news for this week so buckle in and enjoy peeps!

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From The Files of Teletraan 2 Episode 1

The 1st episode of Moonbase 2's attempt at doing a comic discussion show and what better way to kick it off then by talking about Sins of the Wreckers, which is now available to buy in graphic novel form. So for the first show we thought who better to add to this 1st episode the Underbase's own Amiee, Ladywreck, she loves it just made sense.
This is a trail run so all feedback is appreciated. if you wish to leave it on the Facebook page it would be appreciated.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 409

The boys return from the very 1st TFNation and they.....are....TIRED, obviously they talk a bit about their experience from the convention and a few bits of news and things that popped up around it such as 3rd party stuff and concept Beast Wars FunPub stuff. There's also more news to talk about of course such as a few toys popping up in the uk from Titans Returns Soundwave to the new RID Starscream deluxe, there's also the reveal of the Unite Warriors version of Victorion as the Decepticon combiner Megatronia. Finally we have an announcement of a new podcast Moonbase will be trying out this week so enjoy :) 

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Moonbase 2 Interview Alex Milne 2016

The Moonbase 2 boys got to chat to Mr Alex Mlne, artist for MTMTE and a lot of other transformer comics and since MTMTE is over and getting a title change the boys thought it would be good to have a chat with Mr Milne about this, season 2 of the comic and learn some more about it and ask some other silly question. Enjoy

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Moonbase 2 Episode 408

Less then a week before TF Nation kicks off and the boys were worried that there would be nothing to talk to, they were wrong.....well not really but they talk long enough I guess. Apart from none transformers chat they get to chat about a lot of Movie designs were shown off, rumors for more Titans Returns figures and the discuss if they were remold who would they be or would it be a new mold. Enjoy the show everyone and after next week there might be a few extra shows coming, we shall see.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 407.5 Pre TF Nation Chat

So Andy got to have a chat with Adam White (Ad8m) from the TF Nation crew and got to ask some questions about the convention, which is right around the corner now. So good question some dumb questions, hopefully though this should inform people going to the convention and help alleviate some fears, if people had any.

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Moonbase 2 Epsidoe 407

Well with the big conventions out the way with there's not a huge amount for the lads to talk about. However there are a few stories such as even more Movie sure is info.....on the next movie I guess, ehobby reveals their Titans Returns Optimus Primal figure from Mindwipe and a little chat about the 1st episode of the Combiner Wars Machinema series. Also Mikey gets to share his thoughts on the Killing Joke.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 406 Cybertron-Con 2016

This week the Moonbase 2 hit some technical issues with the DREADED INTERNET CONNECTION, but hopefully Andy has edited most of the problems from the show. Anyway this week Cybertron-Con happened, the very first Hasbro convention for the Asian market and more reveal happened such as more Titans Returns toys were shown and some teaser images of the Trypticon we also have a bit of information on the movies and the first game play of the new Overwatch......sorry Transformers online shooter game.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 405 SDCC 2016

Not only did SDCC happen this week but Wonderfest in Japan happened as well so there are a few talking points for this week, we also have a returning Mikey who is officially a Dr now......scary right? Some interesting bits this week are the fully coloured images of the Titans return Powermaster primes Japanese version Ginrai as well as coloured image of MP Cheetor. From SDCC we had lots of news including IDW stuff and more info and trailers for the Machinema Combiner Wars.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 404 TFcon 2016

That's right everyone the 3rd Party Convention TFcon is hear, we have no Mikey but the Devil's Number 1 guy takes his place for this weeks show, its Mr Jii. Not only is there a lot of discussion on TFcon but the lads also talk about the new RID Starscream figure which came out of nowhere, Uk classic comic Vol 6 has finally been announced and More info on China's 1st big convention Cyberton Con. There's other smaller stories of course but prepare....there's a lot......A LOT to listen to this week so enjoy.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 403

Welcome to a week before TFcon 2016 and no 3rd Party news......the storm.....its coming my friends. However on this weeks show the boys talk about 4 new figure reveals of the japanese version of the Headmasters, 2 weeks before SDCC there's some panel info and a few other bits and Victorion preview video or the machinema's Combiner Wars.

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As the summer continues on the Moonbase 2 covers more of the ever amazing news of The Last Knight such as more cars being shown and a new actor but in more interesting news there's a Perfect Effect Optimal Optimus from Beast wars, DNA Designs a Revenge of the Fallen styled Bludgeon and finally more Info on the Machinma Combiner Wars series and its first preview episode!

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Moonbase 2 Episode 401

Well Moonbase 2 is in the 400's for its episodes, has anything changed? .....not really BUT thanks to everyone for the continued support. But on this weeks show Moonbase talks about the Machinema Combiners Wars show seems to almost be out finally, even more Movie stuff including a KO BB-8 called Squeaks and the future of MTMTE.

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The news this week isn't the most exciting but we are coming up to SDCC so maybe more interesting stuff will appear there?.....we hope. Anyway some of the stories for this week are that the SDCC exclusive figure is revealed and its a Titans Return Fortress Maximus, with some very minor changes it seems, there's also rumor of Transformers Fall Of Cybertron might get released on the Xbox One and the PS4, finally there might be some SPOILER rumors for the next TF movie. Also the usual bits of news that float about so let DO ITTTT!!

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Moonbase 2 Episode 399

This week Mikey gets to talk about cars, the movie vehicles that were recently revealed, hes thrilled about it, also on the show week images have shown up (never super clear ones) of the Takara version of the Titans Return Powermaster Prime (Ginrai) and the boys get to talk about the changes they are doing to it. The very important reveal of images for the MP Cheetor thats coming and it looks amazing, finally there bonus edited Mikey talking at the end of the show if you wanted a bit more Mikey in your life.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 398

No Mikey on this weeks Moonbase, DO NOT FEAR for Mr Jii is here.....maybe thats a greater reason to be scared. Mr Jii talks about the new Robo Machine figure he got recently ( the fancy japanese gobot leader one to be precise) and the two of them cover the this weeks TF news. Some stories include a but load of Last Knight movie news.....well more like "news" but meh, SDCC GI Joe vs Transformer Set and a Animated 3rd Party Mixmaster.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 397

Bit of a slow week with news but the boys bust their thoughts on the stories that did appear some of them are more movie news and the lads demand a bearded Josh Duhamel, 2 new Soap Studio figures Megatron and Starscream were revealed. 

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This time on the Moonbase 2, Andy talks about a good few movies hes seen recently and his thought on the new X-Men movie (no spoilers though fear not) but with a fairly bare week for news this weeks show is a shorter one. So some news stories include new Toy World 3rd party figures, reissuing the 1st two waves of the kerons (really *looks at notes* yep apparently so) and more news on the upcoming Transformers movie. So enjoy everyone........or else......

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Young Mikey is back home and breaks the news......Andy was right! He does in fact hate Independence Day AND!!! Starship Troopers, the madness is real. Oh yes there's also this weeks batch of news including stories such as Andy licking his lips over more Takara Legend Headmaster reveals, a 1/22 scale Age of extinction Prime that's 50% diecast and articulated and Unique Toys reveal their Sandstorm figure Sworder. 

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Nicole busts into the Moonbase 2 this week as young Mikey is still away and so madness follows akin to any Eldrich horror. The main stories of this week are a butt ton of Master Mind Creations figures had finished versions revealed all colored up and looking pretty as well as MP Inferno and a new SD Acree 3rd party figure that appears to transform? neat.

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Its apparently been our 8th Anniversary, I know I'm surprised aswell and of course is Mikey around for this weeks show? Of coursenot but that won't stop Andy as he wangles Grufflock fromtheOldOilHouse in for this weeks episode. Potential massivespoilers for SDCC as this week a load of future Titans Returnfigures were revealed as well as a look at 2 3rd Party Blitzwingtoys and Hasbro’s Factory Of Wonder.....jesus....I mean....wowthis thing. Anyway thank you for all the support over the yearspeople lets keep this boat rolling......or floating....orsomething. 

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Moonbase 2 Episode 392

This week on Moonbase 2 Andy has just about finished Super Sentai show Kyoryuger so he gotta have a good chat about it and his thoughts on the show but there's also some transformers news....not much but there's some this week. So in the news there's more Iron Factory stuff to talk about like a new Scorponok so the boys can talk more love on the company, there's some news on the Ultimetal UltraMagnus, a rumor of a MP Inferno and are we going to see anything on Machinma? Who knows? Enjoy everyone.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 391

Botcon's done for another year an SDCC is nearing, usually there's not much to talk about the week after a con BUT! it seems there's still a little bit of news worthy woo woo so the Moonbase boys have a waffle about them. This week they look at the round up of 3rd party stuff that took place during botcon, the sadness of the Platinum sets (price of one and a new one) and Frank Welker to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 390 BOTCON 2016

It's BOTCON 2016!!!!!!!!!! and there's a lot of news to cover from the previous week as well as the stuff shown at the main convention. So its a long one, so strap in and listen in one go or over the next few days as Andy and Mikey take the challenge of covering it all. We have new titans returns figures as well some RID figures as well, there's the convention toys and Unite Warriors coloured images of Computron from japan, lots of stuff. FYI 20 mins have been cut from the show as well to try and get it shorter XD

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Moonbase 2 Episode 389

Takara's Unite Warriors Computron prototypes have appeared on the news sites and Moonbase gotta talk about it (typically Strafes came out today so it was missed for this week grr) and on this weeks show the lads also talk about some Dinobots 3rd party reveals from some different companies. Most importantly it seems the finally Beast Wars 2nd has been subbed, now all we need is Neo and ever TF show will have had a release in English...sort of. Anyway enjoy the show people.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 388

Happy Egg day people of the Internet, Andy ill, Mikey still Irish?  YES! and of course more transformers nonsense for this week of the mighty chocolate egg. The boys cover some stories like the silhouette of a Japanese Titans Return version of Fortress Maximus with maybe a Master Sword, re release of Japanese Transformer Legends Beast Wars releases and Combiner Wars Deluxe Groove.......he real guys....HES REAL!!!! Also other woo woo for the week.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 387

This week Mikey talks about some sort of Digimon show as well as a little bit on the new season of Daredevil and Andy says things about stuff. On the transformers side of the news they cover new shots of Titans Return Astrotrain and Alphatrion, lots of tid bits on RID 2015 and the Factory of Wonder...whatever that is.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 386

Its that time once again guys for the Moonbase 2 to kick in you ears and tell you about the transformers nonsense of the week as well as the crap the 2 lads have been up to during the week such as a Digimon Movie and the rekindled love of Kamen Rider Gaim. On the TF side of the news we have for you stories of East and West Computron sets, one revealed in colour and the other with a interesting silhouette and more coloured images of some 3rd party figures.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 385

This week on the Moonbase 2 Podcast the lads talk about a crazy Transformers item on ebay, its the original storyboards from the 1986 movie, they also chat about some new images of MP Optimus Primal and the Legends Headmasters, the Hall of Frame voting begins again and there are a few bits of other news as well. Sit back and enjoy, if you like as its Moon time.............son....or something.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 384

The Moonbase boys have a small talk about the significance of the Beast Wars cartoon and its impact on transformers as Andy has been re-watching the show again. Also they banter over the news this week including Planet X Fall of Cybertron Starscream prototype has been revealed, big news for TFCon getting Frank Welker as a guest and the Japanese Legends Headmaster new head designs. As well as other bits of note for the week.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 383

So since we are post New York Toyfair 2016 its not surprising there's not a huge amount to cover this week but one or two stories have cropped up and Mikey talked about some more DC TV stuff like "Heroes of Tomorrow", or whatever its called and a bit more on Flash. But some of the TF stories this week are a new Ultimetal figure, this time its Ultramagnus, CG render of Titans Return Brainstorm and Planet X Fall of Cybertron Prime.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 382

New York Toy Fair 2016 happened this weekend and Titian's Return it us with physical versions of figures we were told to expect earlier that week, so was the surprise and excitement taken from the event? Maybe but we have new toys to talk about and yo they are headmasters.......all of the.....well and Wheelie.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 381

Mikey beats the leafs for another week and joins Moonbase again with Andy to TAKE DOWN TAH NEWZZZ!! So this weeks round up is Garatron's new 3rd Party figure and its on the unreleased Beast Wars Neo Unicron, images from Wonderfest 2016 of MP Primal (coloured prototype) and some better images of a coloured Unite Warriors Bruticus and a possible merger between Hasbro and Mattel? Really? Who knows but the lads will talk about the idea anyways.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 380

Slightly weird internet connection this week for the Moonbase boys, is it the leafs in Ireland yet again? it might be, it might be birds sitting on the towers again who can say? But regardless Andy has a new thing to crave for and its Lego Nexo Knights. The boys this week cover TF news such as the Wonderfest 2016 garage kit Metalhawk, more news on season 2 of RID and more Titian's Return reveals (unofficial blurry images of course) as well as more TF woo woo for the week.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 379

Mikey and Andy are here this week to talk about more transformers stuff and some of the big bits on this weeks show are Unite Warriors Blast-off mold has finally been revealed fully, more Platinum releases that will satisfy some and make others roll their eyes and the return of some crap...woo.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 378

Moonbase boys be busting in this week and Mikey is still with us and Andy is.....but he's always here.....we're worried he doesn't have a home and just lives here now. ANYWAY ta lads talk about some amazing Transformer Movie news, Maketoys MP style Contact shot aka Pointblank and info on some conventions coming up, as well as more TF woo woo and the nonsense the lads have done this week.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 377

He returns again, Mr Mikey has appeared back at the Moonbase 2 and he brings with him the news of what hes been up to since he was last on. Shockingly there's news to talk about or at least speculate on for the future as images of a Combiner Wars Computron boxset with an interesting mold being in there, also art work of a CW LioKaiser?!?!? WHAT!!! and a few other bits for this week.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 376

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! That's right its 2016 and its the first episode of the year, Mr Andy and Mr Jii have to cover some of the remaining parts of news from the previous year but also have a few little stories to kick off this new year. The boy jive about More than Just a Geek Spark artbook, Richard Newman to attend TF Nation and images of a CG render of the MP Optimus Primal/Beast Convoy as well as other bits.

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