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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Episode 156

The fab four role out this week as we talk about the count down to DOTM and cover all the weeks news. We look at the recent new third party announcments, IDW downloads going cheap and more besides. And aside from the MLP singing at the end we also take your questions.

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The Underbase reviews Dreamwave G1 issue 1

Aimee, Matt, and Dave review listeners choice Dreamwave G1 issue 1 LIVE for the first time. We still have a few kinks to work out but all in all a great show, with outtakes on the end to highlight the fun that everyone missed!

Show Notes: 

* Intro & News

* Comic Highlight [@ 16 mins]

* The Review of Dreamwave G1 issue 1 [@ 22 mins] 

* Outtakes from the LIVE show 

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Episode 155

This week Andy returns from his great american voyage, we talk about what Andy has been doing at some weird thing called Botcon and look at the news from the last seven days.

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The Underbase reviews one year of podcasting.

Join our podcasting hosts, Matt and Aimee as we celebrate a year of Underbase goodness. 10 Special guests, contest stuff to give away, the Contest close for the Vault. This will be a memorable show and we get the 113 explanation!! Don't miss it!

* Intro
* Contest Giveaway for our anniversary show! [@16 mins]
* Our highlights of our first year [@21 mins]
* Our SPECIAL GUESTS! [@27 mins]
* A SPECIAL PRESENTATION! Interview round two with Andy Schmidt! [@51 mins]
* Ending Business : Contest close, Dreamwave reviews, Underbase year 2 what will happen? [@1 hr 30 mins]

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Due to lack of sleep Aimee takes time off while Matt and Dave cover all the comics news out of Botcon. Then the trio take a look at last weeks release of Transformers Ongoing #20.

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Moonbase 2 Botcon 2011 round up.

Its a long one people as Dave and Mikey talk this years Botcon.

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The Underbase interviews Livio Ramondelli.

Show Notes:

* Intro & News
We talk Phxcomicon, TF Vault talk and contest, answer a question and
win a copy of the Vault 15 mins in, IDW comic collection vol 4,
Artwork by Perez and Matere, and TF novels coming this fall!
* Comic Highlight [@29 mins]
* LIVE interview of Livio Ramondelli [@34 mins]
* Ending Business [@ mins]

Matt and Aimee are joined by Dave to talk about the comic news this
week, then we give our comic highlight. Lastly, Aimee had a chance to
interview upcoming Chaos artist Livio Ramondelli at the Phoenix
Comicon this last Saturday. Thanks again to Livio for making a little
bit of time to chat about what he does and how things are going with

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