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The Underbase reviews, 2010.

For the final show of 2010 Aimee and Matt decide to take a look at 2010. What was good? What was bad? and what is Dave doing there? Join us to find out, and be sure to check back in 2011 for the best Transformers comic book reviews anywhere.

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The Merry Ramble of the Moonbase 2

Well the Xmas holidays are almost over, and the new year is coming up fast. So for no other reason than we could we decided to chat about what Santa gave us, and what we were up to.

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The Underbase interviews Josh Perez.

This week Aimee and Matt (now no-longer sick) sit down with Transformers comic-book colourist Josh Perez. Join them in this very special Christmas episode learning all about this fantastic creator, and just what it takes to bring comic book pages to life.

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Episode 136

This week Andy brings in the laddies to talk about all this weeks news from the world of Transformers.

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The Underbase reviews Generation 2: Redux

In the era of neon we Transformers fans were given G2, now thanks to botcon 2010 we have a comic Reduxing all the neon you could ask for. But does this old school shock to the eyes still rule, or is it a total wreck?

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With Dave crying about work and Nicole standing anouther man up its left to The Commander to fly solo with the news. Tune in to catch up with Andy and his take on all the big news from the last three weeks. And of course lets not forget that trailer, as Dave brings in the chatter team to see what we really thought of it.

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Aimee, Matt and andy sit down to talk about ongoing 14. After the solid issue of thirteen can this issue deliver? Listen up and you will find out if it Wrecks, or rules.

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Episode 134 Transformers Prime, the roundtable, part 2.

Following on for last weeks show we gather once more to talk about the final three parts of Transformers Prime. Find out what the final opinions of the show is.

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The Underbase reviews Sector 7 #3.

The latest review for the Transformers 3 preview comic continues. This week Matt, Aimee and Chris look to see if the series wrecks or rules.

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