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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Episode 257

We got a little bit of news but not a lot so we talk about issue 20 of RiD, fear not we warn you head of time when we hit that part in case you dont want spoilers

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Episode 256

AA2013 is over and a week has gone by already? WOW still we have news to cover so lets get cracking !

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Episode 255 - AA recording

So this show was recorded during the Sunday of AA2013 and Andy and Mikey are joing by Grufflock of the OldOilHouse and his crew of Mr Tricky and HOT......ROBIMUSSSSSSSS

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Episode 254

With no news just before Auto Assembly we cover the 3 or 4 news stories there are then we talk about MTMTE issue 19, fear not a warning has been included in the show as we cover    spoilers 

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Masterprime Theater Episode 38

The last episode of season 3 but with the movie coming its not quite the end of Transformers Prime yet, but lets cover this episode shall we

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