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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Episode 139

This week Andy falls foul of internet dependance as his net goes down. So stepping in we have Stu from the old oil house. This week we look at Botcon, Warpath and all of your Dark of the Moon news. Oh and don't forget Thundercats.

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The Underbase reviews Sector 7 #5

Strap in for anouther Transformers comic book review with Aimee, Matt and Chris as they give you the good and the bad of Sector 7.

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Episode 138

This week Dave and Andy go toy news mad. Why we hear you ask, well simple, its all we got. Hope you enjoy.

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The Underbase reviews Prey.

With new comics in short supply, Matt and Aimee decide to go back to the days of Marvel G1. Naturally when taking a look back to the past they have decided to call on the services of Adam. So how does this classic story hold up? You will just have to listen to find out.

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The Moonbase 2 podcast interviews Bob Budiansky.






This week we bring you something very special to kick off our first interview of 2011. With Chris Mcfeely and James Roberts David sits down with Transformers Hall of Fame Bob Budiansky. We want to thank Bob for taking the time out to talk to us and for all the amazing work he has done. Without his work and dedication to the world of Transformers it is very likely that we would not be here doing this today.

Also please be aware that Bob also in his spare time will do commission work for fans, if you are interested please visit the following site or send an E-mail to the address below.



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The Underbase reviews Sector 7 #4.

This week the Underbase team of Matt and Aimee take a look at the much delayed Sector 7 #4. Was it worth the wait? Well along with series reviewer Chris MCfeely they are going to find out.

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Episode 137

Welcome to the first podcast of 2011 from the Moonbase 2. This week Dave and Andy look over the news and focus on all the third party toys coming out. And to end with we take a look at your posts on the best and worst of 2010.

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The Underbase reviews Ongoing #15

Once again the ongoing falls into our lap, as Aimee. Matt and Andy are ready to see if its any good. Will the role of good continue or does this one fail to deliver?

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The Moonbase 2 presents, best and worst of 2010

Welcome to 2011 everyone and we all hope that you had an amazing new year. But before we can look forward to all the good that 2011 will offer lets take a look at what we are leaving behind. This year Dave and Andy are joined by Aimee and Matt at we bring to you our best, and worst of the year that was 2010.

And be sure to submit your pics and leave a comment on the forum, then be sure to check back next week and Dave and Andy look at your best and worst of the last year.


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