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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Moonbase 2 Episode 367

This week on Moonbase 2 EXPLOSION, DRAMA, DEATH!!!!!!!! none of these things happen but the boys talk about more transformers news of the week and Mikey gives his thoughts on the Titians Returns line we saw at NYCC. The other news covers Custom Robots revoltech transformers, E-Hobby Deadlock, the other 2 new reveals from the Botcon 2016 set and more.

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Moonbase 2 - Episode 366

This week young Mikey is back and Andy is feeling less ill and gross......yay. A lot of stuff to cover with TF Con Charlotte that just happened this week so its all 3rd Party chat this week guys, originally the show was 2 hours 45 mins and was edited so any hiccups here and there might be due to that. Anyway enjoy everyone its time to 3rd Party UP!

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Episode 365

This week JiiDee comes in to replace Mr Mikey for the week and with NYCC just happening there's lots to talk about there as well as some new concept stuff from Prime 1 Studio's, Platinum Trypticon arrives in the UK and Australia. Also Andy messed his audio a bit so it wont sound as good as it usually does.....whoops, he was still ill when recording and editing kind.

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Episode 364

Andy has returned home from his long journey to the south of the uk, he's tired and broken but along with Mikey the boys do what they do and talk about the TF news of the week. THIS WEEK, before NYCC, they talk about  MIP Junior Conference which had info on season 2 of RID and lots of possible movie stuff, a new 3rd Party company Garatron and their 2 new items and Planet X Paddles and Andy's dipping his toe into the toy line, so it seems. Also other TF news from the week and what the lads have been up to.

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