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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Episode 333

On this weeks show the Moonbase boys talk about the horrors of reality tv, totally legitimate polls for the new combiner team and toys that could have been and maybe should have been, as well as the usual ramblings from both Andy and Mikey you expect each week.

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Episode 332

Moonbase 2 welcomes back young Mikey to the show as they cover what the little Irish wonder has been up to since he's been away and the crew cover whats been doing down at toyfair this year, including Robots in Disguise Minicons and a MTMTE Ultra Magnus?

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Episode 331

With Mikey still away Moonbase has a different person filling in his shoes and there was a surprising amount to talk about this week as well as they cover more 3rd Party Masterpiece scale toys. gokin figures and gobots ?

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Episode 330

Where is Mikey this week? Who knows? But the Moonbase 2 people (minus Mikey) talk about X-Transbots Beachcomber and his crazy machine gun, old ass molds getting retired finally and tiny robot 3rd party figure.

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