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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Episode 199

I tell Mikey about his TRUE life and of course we talk about even more transformers news.

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Episode 198

Gaint Pink Pig that is all...

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So we kick off this new podcast with the very 1st Avengers episode Ironman Is Born, the 1st 3 of the mirco episodes that were shown online before the show aired on tv.

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Episode 197

E3 happened and not much else, Mikey isn't with us again so guess what that means ......

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Masterprime Theater Episode 14

We play catch-up on an ep we missed and we announce what will happen with MPT while prime isn't on TV.

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Episode 196

Recording on a Saturday morning is a strange thing, listen out at the end of the show for Mr Mikey singing to himself.

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Masterprime Theater Episode 13

Ever hear 3 guys talk about how to punch a cow? Well this and more on the last new episode of Prime for a while.

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