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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
The Underbase reviews Spotlight Metroplex

This week Aimee and Matt are joined by Dave and Andy to review Spotlight Metroplex.  Also Matt and Aimee talk about all the comic news to come out over the last week, and as always end with your questions.

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The Underbase reviews Nefarious #4

Matt and Aimee saddle up for anouther IDW comicbook review, this time joined by the man himself Mr Chris Mcfeely.

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Episode 112

With Andy AWOL Phil and Aimee step in to help us out. Enjoy

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The Underbase reviews Ongoing 8#

Aimee and Matt take the controls to talk about issue 8# of Transformers ongoing with Moonbase 2 comic rage man Ender. Enjoy.

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Episode 111

This week we review issue 2 of Ironhide with MAtt and Aimee. We also talk about what you can expect from the underbase going forward along with all you weekly news including.

TF ride in development

New Generations toys listed

New Botcon toys

And of course all the spoilers around TF3 and TF Prime in our spoilers section.

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Episode 110

This week Dave and Andy talk aout the latest goings on with Transformers, we talk about last weeks basework and your questions.

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