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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Episode 221

The last proper episode before Xmas time people but we do have transformers news to talk about and Avatar, the last Airbender.

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Episode 220 Prime Season 2 Roundtable

Not enough news for a good show this week people, so here is a group talk with 4 people on Prime season 2 as a whole.

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Episode 219

More transformers news this week and Mikey is back with us!

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Episode 218

Talk of lego and Kre-o fill this podcast but we don't forget about the rest of the Transformers news this week.

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Episode 217

Both Andy and Mikey have been up to a lot this week and there is a good amount of TF news. Who knew this would happen at this time of the year?

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Episode 216

Crappy news returns as does the lovely Sweaty Bear for more TF news.

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Episode 215 + MPT Episode 25

Another double feature people! Not a huge amount of news so were combining the shows again.

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Masterprime Theater Episode 24

Two mighty men discuss the 2nd to last episode of this seasons Transformers Prime.

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Episode 214

More transformers news, more pants, what does it mean? find out NOW!

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Episode 213 + MPT Episode 23

Since TF:Prime was a clip show, we decided to just combine it with the regular show this week guys. I hope you enjoy it!

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Masterprime Theater Episode 22

Mr GWolf returns to MPT and we have a guest that has never (officially) done a podcast.

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Episode 212

With NYCC happening this week there was only one thing to do, I had to get him back....

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Masterprime Theater Episode 21

Another Prime, another Sweaty Bear! We're coming to the end peoples.

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Episode 211

Interested in hearing the continuing adventures of the missing Mikey? Listen to find out more! Oh and more TF news.

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Masterprime Theater Episode 20

I bring back Ladywreck for another episode of Transformers Prime, join us for the fun!

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Episode 210

One Andy and one Sweaty Bear together we are MOOOOONBAAAAAASE TWWWWWWOOOOO!

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Another podcast brought to you by a certain commander and his crew to review Legacy! We're building one here!

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Episode 209

With the first bits of news of Transformers 4 we discuss the on coming darkness that is Michael Bay, oh and the rest of the news as well.

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Masterprime Theater Episode 18

A truly manly man joins me on this very dark episode of Transformers Prime.

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Episode 208

What time is it? It's Moonbase 2 time!! Join us this week with more TF news from this week.

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Masterprime Theater Episode 17

A comic guest on an episode of Masterprime Theater?! Say what? Join us as we check out this weeks Prime!

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Masterprime Theater Episode 16

Here's the episode we missed devoted listeners! It's up and ready for you all!

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Episode 207

Mikey is away, so the Commander grabs a Suger Bear to fill the void in his heart!

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Masterprime Theater episode 15

Due to some technical issues we talk about "Out of the Past" before we talked about Hurt, but we will get to it soon.

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Episode 206

While Mikey is away, the news must roll on so we get a sub to fill in and the good times roll!

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Episode 205

We return after the amazing AA2012 weekend and of course more transformers news must be shared and.......LEGO SON!!

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Episode 204

This week, LIVE from the Oldbase Moonhouse! Your usual hosts of Andy and Mikey are joined, attacked, and spoken at by a unlikely cast of oddities... Brought to you by Auto Assembly 2012 and Mikeys' love of repeating the word "Nick."

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Episode 203

The return of Mikey and a big interview with Aimee on her trip to HighMoon Studios.

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For the inaguaral episode of the Moonbase 2 podcast supplemental Kalelprime sits down with Timelord, Ad8m and Ladywreck to talk about the largest Transformers convention in Europe, Auto Assembly. We think of our favorite moments from AA's past and what we are looking forward to this year.

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Episode 202

YES SDCC we talk about it and we talk about it good, with the one and only KingGrimmy.

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Episode 201

Not much news this week folks, but next week SDCC! So get ready as we talk about little news we have for this week.

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Episode 200

Ok people this is episode 200! Who thought we would have so many podcasts? Thank you all for your support!

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Episode 199

I tell Mikey about his TRUE life and of course we talk about even more transformers news.

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Episode 198

Gaint Pink Pig that is all...

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So we kick off this new podcast with the very 1st Avengers episode Ironman Is Born, the 1st 3 of the mirco episodes that were shown online before the show aired on tv.

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Episode 197

E3 happened and not much else, Mikey isn't with us again so guess what that means ......

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Masterprime Theater Episode 14

We play catch-up on an ep we missed and we announce what will happen with MPT while prime isn't on TV.

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Episode 196

Recording on a Saturday morning is a strange thing, listen out at the end of the show for Mr Mikey singing to himself.

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Masterprime Theater Episode 13

Ever hear 3 guys talk about how to punch a cow? Well this and more on the last new episode of Prime for a while.

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Episode 195

Mikey returns and this time HE'S IRISH! Oh and more transformers news FYI.

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Masterprime Theater Episode 12

Mikey is still away so Andy grabs 2 people to come along for the ride for this weeks sound-tastic show.

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Episode 194

While Mikey is away Andy pulls in two people to fill in. An episode of Moonbase 2 that contains little transformers news but a lot of weird fun antics.

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Masterprime Theater Episode 11

We were lucky enough to get a leader of a country onto this week's show, some may know him as The Grand Dictator so sit back and get ready to enjoy the show.

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Episode 193

Mikey turns a shade of Red and talks a bit about Red Hulk and Andy makes a fatal error while reading a 3rd party story.

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Masterprime Theater Episode 10

We jump ahead one episode and talk this week about Tunnel Vision, but dont worry we will do a catch up episode to cover the episode we missed.

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Episode 192

We talk about a lot of non transformers news at the start of the show this week but don't worry we talk about all of the latest news.

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Episode 191: The Botcon Report

Get ready people this is gonna be a long one! We cover all of the Botcon news in one massive podcast with the truly beautiful KingGrimmy.

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Masterprime Theater Episode 9

In a episode with a lot of fighting who better to pull in someone that can Wreck and rule!

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Episode 190

Wht'z da crinky broface? More transformers news from la Andy and Madame Mikey.

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Episode 189

No Masterprime Theater this week guys but we do talk about it here and more transformers new.

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Masterprime Theater Episode 8

A confessor of the newest religious order talks with Andy and Mikey about the newest ep of TF:Prime Nemesis Prime.

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Episode 188

Chocolate goodness on the great Egg day of easter enjoy both your chocolate and your podcast time with me and Mikey.

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Masterprime Theater Episode 7

A new guest arrives in the lounge of the Masterprime Theater library and 3 men discuss TF:Prime Crossfire!

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Episode 187

I art thou, Thou art I you have established the moonbase 2 social link, Thou shalt be blessed when hearing transformers news.

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Masterprime Theater Episode 6

Andy and Mikey are on their own this week as they look at Loose Cannons.

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Episode 186

From our mouths to your ears, more transformers news, more Mikey!

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Masterprime Theater Episode 5

Part 2 of Operation Bumblebee we look to a lord of time for his thoughts.

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Episode 185

The team of Mikey 'n' Millman have another week of transformers news to chit chat about ENJOY OR ELSE WHAHAHA!

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Masterprime Theater Episode 4

We ask for aid in looking at the latest episode of Transformers:Prime from the world of Asgard.

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Episode 184

More news from the two people of the UK Transformers podcast!

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Masterprime Theater Episode 3

The conclusion to Transformers Prime: Orion Pax with a very special guest!

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Episode 183

Andy and Mikey once again tackle the transformers news for another week.

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The Underbase Reviews IDW Classics: SL Ultra Magnus

OUT THIS WEEK… no comic! So we dive into the archives of classic Transformerdom and pull out a IDW Spotlight! We also have a healthy bit of news this week as well, so have a listen and pull out your classic IDW comics!

* Intro and News 

* Comic Highlight [@ 20 mins in]

* Spotlight Ultra Magnus review[@ 24 mins in]

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Masterprime Theater Episode 2

Two fine gentlemen are joined by a third as all three converse over Orion Pax Part 2!

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The Underbase Reviews Autocracy 4 and Infestation2 issue 2

Another short news section and TWO reviews but we have a special show in store for you! First Matt and Aimee review a solid Autocracy #4 with Mr. KalelPrime and then we bring in a special crew of Lovecraftian reviewers to give you Infestation part 2! Be prepared for ONE amazing show today!

* Intro and News 

* Autocracy 4 Review [@ 7 mins in]

* Infestation2 TF Issue 2 Review [@ 40 mins in]

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Episode 182

My god does the Moonbase 2 crew have something good to say about Igear this week? Listen and find out!

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Masterprime Theater: Orion Pax Prt 1

Join your 2 fav moonbase 2 hosts as they talk about the first episode of season 2 episode 1 of TF: Prime!

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The Underbase reviews RID 2

News and TWO reviews! Matt and Aimee cover the news in 10 mins and then we bring in the guest reviewers to rip through Autocracy 3 and Robots in Disguise 2!

* Intro and News 

* Autocracy 3 Review [@ 10 mins in]

* RID #2 Review [@ 48 mins in]

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Episode 181

Mikey returns and we cover this weeks news and cover Mikeys thoughts on toyfair.

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Episode 180

Covering 2 weeks of new Andy and a special guest cover the Toyfair 2012, sit back and relax its gonna be a long one.

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE 2

Aimee and Adam report the news and then Matt and Aimee are joined by the ruler of MB2, Andy, to review More Than Meets The Eye issue 2! It's a fun day at the Underbase! Don't forget to check out this weeks digital issue of Autocracy issue 3, we'll be giving it a review next week!

* Intro and News 

* Comic Review [@ 13 mins in]

* Outtakes [@ 1 hr 25 mins in]

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The Underbase Reviews Classic UK Raiders of the Last Ark

There's no news this week and no new comic so we dip into the archives of Transformer comic-dom to review a UK Classic! Raiders of the Last Ark! Come meet Auntie!

* Classic Review of Raiders of the Last Ark [@ 5 mins in]

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The Underbase reviews Autocracy 2 and Infestation2

LOTS of goodness to talk about this episode… so much in fact that we skip the news, the comic highlight, and go straight for the jugular! Three different sections of this podcast… two reviews and an interview! Which will come first and what's it all about! And who could possibly be in on all this chatter?? Enjoy the pictures and the new features!

* Part One

* Part Two [@ 28 mins in]

* Part Three [@1 hr 2 mins] 

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Episode 179

Mr Mikey and Sir Andy take at length about all the Prime news thats been appearing as of late as well as the toy news from the uk toyfair.

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The Underbase Reviews Robots In Disguise #1

Aimee and Matt are joined by Chris McFeely for our first look and review of Robots In Disguise issue 1! It's the second Ongoing of 2012 but that doesn't make it come in 2nd! Definitely a comic you're gonna want to check out and then listen to what we think about it!

* Intro and News

* Comic Highlight [@16 mins]

* Review of RID #1 [@29 mins] 

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Episode 178

Mikey and Andy hit you up with the new TF Prime toys hitting the UK hard and hear a special message from the huggable Dave!

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The Underbase Barber Preview

Matt and Aimee are back once again with another preview introducing Robots In Disguise which kicks off next week! How could we possibly out do ourselves? Have a listen and find out! Then before we fall off into the insanity, we switch gears to review the first digital "Autocracy" Transformer comic issue now available for purchase! As you'll see this is one amazing podcast brought to you by the power of editing!

* Intro and News

* Robots In Disguise Preview Interview [@7 mins]

* Review of Autocracy #1 [@1 hr 6 mins] 

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Episode 177: Prime Roundtable

Mikey and Andy are joined by Mr Chris Mcfeely and the Fabulous Matt Messanger as they talk over the 1st season of Transformers Prime.

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE 1

Art to the walls… More Than Meets The Eye has hit to it's fullest! And the Underbase is simply happy to bring you the first review of IDW's Transformers comics of 2012! But it's not the only great thing rolling in on the podcast this week, before we kick off the review we've got good news coming NEXT WEEK! This is just one podcast you don't want to miss.

* Intro and News

* Comic Highlight [@9 mins]

* Review of MTMTE #1 [@20 mins] 

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Episode 176

Moonbase 2 Returns for 2012 with Mickey and Andy for a round up of the news over the past 3 weeks and talk about the Botcon toys.

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The Underbase Reviews Classic UK Dinobot Hunt

2012 starts with a bang… and in the past! We review an classic action packed Jurassic Park meets Michael Bay summer blockbuster, Deliverance, Monster movie! (Even the Governator makes a brief mention!) Don't forget to wear your hunting gear as we tear into Dinobot Hunt! The most jinxed podcast we've ever done to date!

* The Review [@7 mins] 

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