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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Episode 179

Mr Mikey and Sir Andy take at length about all the Prime news thats been appearing as of late as well as the toy news from the uk toyfair.

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The Underbase Reviews Robots In Disguise #1

Aimee and Matt are joined by Chris McFeely for our first look and review of Robots In Disguise issue 1! It's the second Ongoing of 2012 but that doesn't make it come in 2nd! Definitely a comic you're gonna want to check out and then listen to what we think about it!

* Intro and News

* Comic Highlight [@16 mins]

* Review of RID #1 [@29 mins] 

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Episode 178

Mikey and Andy hit you up with the new TF Prime toys hitting the UK hard and hear a special message from the huggable Dave!

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The Underbase Barber Preview

Matt and Aimee are back once again with another preview introducing Robots In Disguise which kicks off next week! How could we possibly out do ourselves? Have a listen and find out! Then before we fall off into the insanity, we switch gears to review the first digital "Autocracy" Transformer comic issue now available for purchase! As you'll see this is one amazing podcast brought to you by the power of editing!

* Intro and News

* Robots In Disguise Preview Interview [@7 mins]

* Review of Autocracy #1 [@1 hr 6 mins] 

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Episode 177: Prime Roundtable

Mikey and Andy are joined by Mr Chris Mcfeely and the Fabulous Matt Messanger as they talk over the 1st season of Transformers Prime.

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE 1

Art to the walls… More Than Meets The Eye has hit to it's fullest! And the Underbase is simply happy to bring you the first review of IDW's Transformers comics of 2012! But it's not the only great thing rolling in on the podcast this week, before we kick off the review we've got good news coming NEXT WEEK! This is just one podcast you don't want to miss.

* Intro and News

* Comic Highlight [@9 mins]

* Review of MTMTE #1 [@20 mins] 

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Episode 176

Moonbase 2 Returns for 2012 with Mickey and Andy for a round up of the news over the past 3 weeks and talk about the Botcon toys.

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The Underbase Reviews Classic UK Dinobot Hunt

2012 starts with a bang… and in the past! We review an classic action packed Jurassic Park meets Michael Bay summer blockbuster, Deliverance, Monster movie! (Even the Governator makes a brief mention!) Don't forget to wear your hunting gear as we tear into Dinobot Hunt! The most jinxed podcast we've ever done to date!

* The Review [@7 mins] 

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