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The Underbase reviews Heart Of Darkness #1

* Intro
* News [@ 8 mins in]
James Roberts, Wondercon, IDW talk, What is Chaos working up too, Marvel Heroes #33 plug, Comics this week.
* Comic Highlight [@ 23 mins in]
* The Review of Heart of Darkness #1 [@ 34 mins in]
* Does it Wreck or Rule? Comic Rating [@ 2hr 3 mins]

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Episode 146 of the Moonbase 2 Podcast.

This week we are joined by the one and only DJW AKA Derrick J Wyatt. We naturally talk about Botcon and his involvement in this years awesome box set. We also look at your answers to last weeks base work, notice James Roberts is here to save our souls again and try to decide if bumblebee is cute or cutthroat.

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The Underbase interviews Andrew Griffith

This week Aimee and Matt sit down and talk with Andrew Griffith. Andrew has previously work on such Transformers works as All Hail Megatron, Last Stand of the Wreckers and is currently working on the movie tie in Foundation.

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Episode 145

This week the awesome dream team are back together, we get all caught up on the news from the last few weeks. And lets not forget the return of the basework...thats right remember your opinion matters kids. And be sure as always to listen right to the end to hear us answer your questions.

And is that some SDCC spoilers in there???

And of course don' forget to check out this piece of awesome.

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The Underbase interviews John Barber

The Underbase is happy to welcome the maestro of the movie-verse John Barber. This week Matt, Aimee and Chris sit down to talk to the author of the current movie titles leading up to Dark of the Moon.

We can would like to thank John for taking the time for joining us, and hope you enjoy as we did.

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This week we take a break from the news and focus on something a little different. This week Dave and Chris are joined by TF author Jim Sorenson to talk about the draft script from the 1986 Transformers the Movie.

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The Underbase reviews Ongoing #17

The ongoing returns along with Aimee, Matt and Andy. What will this issue bring, joy? Fun? "oh dear god not again"? Well you're just going to have to check in to check it out.

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Episode 144

This week we have another quick and easy one for you. There is almost nothing to talk about so we natter on about Prime and what we think of the latest club exclusive. And as always end things with your questions.

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The Underbase reviews Rising Storm #1 & Foundation #1
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