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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Moonbase 2 Episode 379

Mikey and Andy are here this week to talk about more transformers stuff and some of the big bits on this weeks show are Unite Warriors Blast-off mold has finally been revealed fully, more Platinum releases that will satisfy some and make others roll their eyes and the return of some crap...woo.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 378

Moonbase boys be busting in this week and Mikey is still with us and Andy is.....but he's always here.....we're worried he doesn't have a home and just lives here now. ANYWAY ta lads talk about some amazing Transformer Movie news, Maketoys MP style Contact shot aka Pointblank and info on some conventions coming up, as well as more TF woo woo and the nonsense the lads have done this week.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 377

He returns again, Mr Mikey has appeared back at the Moonbase 2 and he brings with him the news of what hes been up to since he was last on. Shockingly there's news to talk about or at least speculate on for the future as images of a Combiner Wars Computron boxset with an interesting mold being in there, also art work of a CW LioKaiser?!?!? WHAT!!! and a few other bits for this week.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 376

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! That's right its 2016 and its the first episode of the year, Mr Andy and Mr Jii have to cover some of the remaining parts of news from the previous year but also have a few little stories to kick off this new year. The boy jive about More than Just a Geek Spark artbook, Richard Newman to attend TF Nation and images of a CG render of the MP Optimus Primal/Beast Convoy as well as other bits.

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